Grant Services

Grant Services

Region 9 will partner with governments and community groups that align with our mission, helping access funding for projects of economic benefit to a community. Our ability to help any entity is subject to available capacity and the priorities as listed below. We provide these services free of charge to our member governments. For other groups we have a sliding scale fee structure.

The State of Colorado through the Governor’s Office has allocated funds for 14 Regional Grant Navigator (RGN) positions across the state. Their roles are to develop a thorough understanding of the grant funding opportunities in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA or “Bipartisan Infrastructure Law”), as well as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and to assist municipalities, counties, and special districts in connecting to funding opportunities from these acts. Our community grant writer, Tiffany Brodersen, serves in this role for Region 9. 

Our services include:

Do you have a grant opportunity identified?

  1. Does the funding opportunity you are seeking require matching funds? If so, do you have matching funds secured?
  2. Is the project for a local government entity or regional initiative?
  3. Is the project part of your Community Development Action Plan? (CDAP)
  4. Is your government entity or board supporting this project, grant application, and any necessary matching funds? 
  5. Non-government organizations will be charged a fee for grant writing services. (To learn more about our fee structure click the link below).

If we already committed to assisting another entity with an application to the same funding source, if all partners agree, and if applicable, we can explore combining the two applications to be more competitive.

Fee Structure

Non-government entities will be charged a fee for grant writing services. To learn more about our fee structure click here.

You can learn more about our grant writer, Tiffany, here.

Grant Digest

Click here for the latest Grant Digest. This is a document, updated monthly, that provides current grant opportunities.

If you need advice, talk over ideas, or to sign up for the Grant Digest email list contact Tiffany.

Financial Assistance & Grant Programs                                                                                                    

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Rural Jump-Start Program                                                                                                                                            

IIJA Program List for Colorado Local Agencies                                                                                                 

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Office of Economic Development and International Trade             

Local Match Program (Federal Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act                                                                                                                   

Navige IIJA Funding Opportunities                 

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